As mentioned in our last news story (to read please click here) whilst at the Interclean exhibition we noticed a number of the major machinery manufacturers, such as Karcher and FiMap, are championing a new type of floor cleaning machine. Well in fact it is a different form of movement that a range of machines can use.

Up to now the majority of rotary/scrubber driers use the traditional disk or cylindrical movement.


However, there is a new movement which manufacturers are claiming to be superior. A major reason for this superiority is due to the amount of agitation that can be achieved through this innovative movement.  We tried out one of the new FiMap Orbital machines (FM43) and it was far easier to control than the typical rotary machine which can have a tendency to “leap” into motion!

The movement itself works through slow rotary movements whilst also scrubbing side to side in an oscillating fashion. It can be used on a number of machines and  can use the traditional round/square floor pads.


Furthermore, due to the movement, there is far less spray created from the machine itself. This results in time saved as the Operative does not have to go back over areas that may have been sprayed accidentally when using a traditional rotary machine.

After speaking with one of the guys from FiMap he explained that the movement itself had be around for a while but predominately used in the United States. It finally seems to be gathering some traction “over the pond” and lets hope it stays and makes a big impact within the industry!

We will certainly be trying out this new movement and below are some of the claimed benefits it brings;

  • Save cleaning time, consumption of water and detergent  up to 50%
  • Less energy consumption due to orbital movement
  • Easy to control—front / back movement
  • Very robust construction
  • Versatile – suitable for many floors: vinyl, carpet, cement, wooden & marble, etc