Following on from the theme of the previous articles we will today look at another innovative product that we saw during the Interclean exhibition.

On a fairly unassuming stand stood a cylindrical feminine hygiene unit, TerraCyclic. To view their website please click here. The product not only looked visually appealing compared to the more traditional rectangulaunits but it also makes a lot of sense for smaller washrooms. A previous issue with older cylindrical units was the capacity of the bins themselves, however TerraCyclic offer 3 sizes;

  • Large 26 litre capacity
  • Medium 13 litre capacity
  • Small 6.5 litre capacity

The units can be freestanding using a base or wall mounted and come with 3 varying operational methods for opening the bins

  • No touch – IR sensor
  • Foot pedal
  • Manual opening

Furthermore the unit is serviced by simply removing the lid which is attached to the sealed bag which can then be disposed of through the correct waste streams. This means that servicing is; quick, easy and also more hygienic as the units lid is replaced each time. The unit itself is made out of biodegradable plastic so is not harmful to the environment. The lid is also self deodorising to help eliminate any odours.

In our opinion these would be ideal for small washrooms where the traditional shaped unit can be slightly cumbersome and create even less space in a cramped toilet. The circular shape also means that there are no shape edges so users of a small washroom wont catch themselves on the units. All in all a better customer experience can be achieved through using these units in the correct environments.

Please click here to see a video on the innovative feminine hygiene unit

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