This week Prime Clean arranged an innovative and forward thinking waste awareness programme through one of our waste partners, BPR Group.

BPR set up an eye catching stand in the reception of a large multinational insurance company in the City. The client had been looking at ways to improve the recycling rate and we believed the best way to deliver clear message directly to employees would be to bring our waste provider in.

A message, explaining about the event, was sent out on the companies intranet so that employees had prior knowledge and to think up any questions they may have.


As soon as the stand was set up a group of employees wandered up and started to engage with Sarah from BPR. Over the next few hours a constant stream of people arrived to find out what more can be done. A number of “games” were set up to help deliver various messages in a memorable way and a bottle of Prosecco was on offer for the winner of the quiz.

A close eye will be kept on the recycling rate over the next few weeks to see if the event has made any longing impression on the users of the building. Thank you again BPR for all the support in making such a successful event!