Tesla has been grabbing the headlines when it comes to electric powered vehicles for a number of years. All the major car manufacturers are committing to electric powered electric vehiclevehicles but many are still years behind with their development. Even Dyson have joined in on the action!

At Prime Clean we place great importance on building a sustainable business that reduces our carbon footprint at any given opportunity. For this reason we are very mindful of who we partner with and ensuring our supply chain share the same believes and ethical values that we do.

Our largest partner is, Mayflower Washroom Solutions, who deliver all of our consumables and cleaning materials as well as the washroom services that we provide. As you can imagine they clock up a lot of miles whilst completing their deliveries and could potentially have a large carbon footprint due to this. However, Mayflower have always been an innovative business and their recent investment into a fleet of electric delivery vehicles is testament to this. Over the next few years the business will be investing in more electric vehicles and further reducing their impact on the environment.