Holidays Are Coming, What Better Time to Schedule Your Periodic Cleans?

Just as daily cleaning services can ensure your premises remain clean and hygienic all week long, periodic cleans can promise your workplace a comprehensive and restorative standard of cleaning that lasts. Unlike daily cleaning tasks, periodic cleaning takes place on a less frequent basis, i.e. monthly, bi-monthly or perhaps even less frequently. The likes of window cleaning and carpet cleaning are prime examples of periodic cleaning.


Christmas time is a good opportunity to undergo such processes. Why? Well, with manystaff away over the festive holidays, and the office looking seemingly sparse in comparison to the usual buzz of people traffic, carpet and window cleans can be accomplished swiftly and without disruption.

Christmas Holidays… A Great Time to Schedule Periodic Cleans

Scheduling essential cleaning jobs over the holidays makes sense, particularly as the likes of carpet cleaning can be challenging with staff present, and therefore usually requires completion out-of-office hours – yet with the holidays in full swing, carpet cleaning can be initiated during daytime hours, and at your convenience.


What’s more, you needn’t stress about the vast amounts of consumables likely to stain your carpet during this year’s office Christmas party if you know the carpet cleaning technicians are due in days later.

Not only can choosing the Christmas holidays for your periodic cleans be more straightforward, scheduling a comprehensive clean to occur before your staff return can also prevent that often ‘stale’ feel that occurs when the office has been empty for an extended period of time, giving your workforce something to feel less glum about as they return to work in the new year.

Other Benefits of Organising Periodic Cleaning

  • Scalable Services to Suit A Variety of Businesses

Not every company requires daily cleaning, for instance, smaller offices with fewer staff can benefit greatly from a less frequent, but professional periodic clean. The regularity of which can be organised dependant entirely on the company’s individual needs. This could be weekly, bi- weekly or even less frequently than that.

  • Creating that Great First Impression

Periodic cleans can guarantee a great first impression when welcoming new clients, partners or simply guests into your organisation.

  • Providing A Healthier Working Environment

Your employees spend a lot of time within their working environment, so it’s only right that you provide them with hygienically clean and tidy premises in return for their hard work.

Not only will a well-maintained working environment ensure unwanted bacteria and staff illness are kept to a minimum, a clean space will also help to improve the mental well-being of your workforce.

Periodic Cleaning Specialists at Prime Clean

At Prime Clean, we can provide a one-off job at your request, so if you happen to have any last minute cleans that require attention over the Christmas holidays, please get it touch and we’ll confirm our availability.

With Christmas fast approaching, there couldn’t be a better time for periodic cleaning tasks to be booked in. What’s more, our team is fully trained, has plenty of experience in cleaning and will work hard to ensure that your premises are kept neat and tidy.

We are experts in commercial cleaning and we take great pride in ensuring that our customers receive the very best level of service. For more information, contact our team today.