At the start of July we created a news article around a new dual fragrance machine that is most suitable in washrooms, to read that article please click here.

Since then we have introduced the fragrance unit into a large insurance institution within the City on a trial basis. The specific unit we have chosen is the Rubbermaid Microbust Duet Fragrance machine due to its sleek design and reliability.

So far a marked improvement has been noticed in the washrooms and they are smelling “fresher” throughout the length of the day. This is mainly due to the duel fragrances as it is more noticeable when you enter a washroom now rather than the single fragrance which after a period of time can become unnoticed.

The real acid test will come when we remove the new air fragrance units and revert back to the old single fragrance machines. The plan is to monitor any emails that make reference to the washrooms no longer smelling as fresh as they did when the dual system was in place. If this is clearly noticeable then the Duet can clearly demonstrate its worth and have a place within the washroom.