We had a lovely surprise whilst recently attending an event at London Zoo hosted by one of our partners “BPR” who we use for confidential waste destruction. Much to our joy BPR presented us with an award for “Environmental Excellence” this was in recognition with the way Prime Clean deal with recycling and reducing C02 emissions.

As a business is a great honor to receive this award as we always striving to do our utmost as a business to ensure we are doing everything we can to save the planet. We feel Its imperative more businesses get on board with these kinds of initiatives. And we hope to see big changes in the future of companies lowering their carbon footprint and being more efficient in the way they recycle plastic.

It was refreshing and we are very grateful to BPR for making a generous donation to The Marine Conservation Society on our behalf. To everyone at Prime Clean this is one of the most important environmental charities out there,  there is nothing more heartbreaking than seeing the image of an endangered sea turtle being strangled by a plastic ring and all because people can’t seem to bother to recycle or put something in the bin. So that’s why its very important to do more about recycling plastic and why at Prime we are very passionate at making sure we can always do more to stop this happening after all this is our planet and we need to work together to make sure plastic does not end up in the ocean.

I just want to say on behalf of Prime Clean a massive thanks to all our customers who have helped us achieve this award and hears to a greener planet and a better future for our children after all they are the business owners of tomorrow.