Well at lot has changed across the world since the 4th March when we attended the Kimberly-Clark Golden Service Awards. I remember on the day the hosts announced that hand shaking for the prize winners was to be replaced with the bumping of elbows. Which, at the time seemed a strange concept but the thought now of even bumping elbows with strangers would send shivers down many peoples spines! I do recall that hand sanitiser has already become a sparse consumable item with orders taking weeks, now months to fully come through, so to be greeted with multiple hand sanitisers on each table was a real treat, there were certainly benefits in having Kimberly-Clark sponsor the event!

Now back to business, we had first entered the competition (for the first time) when the opening dates were first announced. In fact we were the first company to get in touch about the 2020 Golden Service in March 2019. Our aim was to create a through provoking and credible submission, and our dream was for that to win an award. The team worked very hard to pull everything together and we were absolutely thrilled to hear that we had been shortlisted for a judges visit for the end of 2019. To get to the final five within our chosen category was beyond our expectations given this was our first attempt within the Golden Service Awards.

The judges visit came around quickly and the team were excited to showcase the hard work which had gone into the contract since we had taken over 18 months earlier. Our brilliant Area Manager, Rogerio, guided our nominated BICSc judge around the estate and introduced her to our team of cleaners and two Supervisors. I remember calling Roger to ask him how he thought it had went and he replied in a positive manner. However, it’s a bit like finishing an exam and not really knowing how it truly went until you find out the results.

The big day arrived, we had five seats at a shared table in the Hilton on Park Lane. The setting was fantastic and certainly gives some glamour to the award ceremony. This award within the world of cleaning really is the equivalent to the Oscar’s.

As the ceremony proceeded the excitement around the table was growing and the brief showing of our logo on the big screens only raised the excitement further. We patiently waited as the various category winners were announced all along knowing it was a huge outside chance for us to actually win the award. The moment had come, the category was announced with the various competing companies awaiting the decision, apparently it had been a great category with many credible submissions, but wait was the Prime Clean? Surely not had we actually secured the victory? As I glanced around the table the smiling faces looking at each other confirmed it. Fantastic what an achievement and one that the team was so proud of.

After we had collected the award from the stage and sat back down the excitement had turned into complete joy. Rogerio was particularly proud of the achievement and asked if I would take a picture of him with the award so he could send to his wife. Its moments like these which make the early mornings and late nights all worthwhile.

Thank you again to BICSc and Kimberly-Clark for hosting such a fantastic event and we are so grateful for the top prize!

Here is to trying again next year, and hopefully being able to shake hands!