At Prime Clean we are responding urgently with regards to the growing concerns surround COVID-19. Modern day business, as we understand it, has changed dramatically all within the space of a few weeks.

Many offices are temporarily closing down and allowing staff to work from home, where possible. Over the past few years employee welfare has been high on the agenda for many businesses however, the temporary closure of offices will result in spaces remaining empty for lengthy periods of time and a potentially unhealthy office for people to return to. Over the period of closure harmful levels of bacteria may arise so its critical that an office is deep cleaned prior to staff returning.

We have a trained team of specialist cleaning operatives fully prepped with the correct PPE and virucidal cleaning products to ensure a safe environment for the office reopening. This will allow all businesses to return with confidence that staff are protected within the workspace. 

Please see the below options we can provide as part of a virucidal deep clean to help ensure a safe place of work for when people return.

Covid 19 – Bronze service

  • The teams will carry out a full sanitise clean to the entire floor/floors using the AX Ultra product.
  • The teams will be Supervised by a Manager/Area Supervisor.

Covid 19 – Silver service (fogging)

  • Fogging system (fine mist).  Electrostatic/virucidal application using specialist team
  • Fog the entire floor (all areas including the flooring) the system is designed to cling to surfaces, allowing Kill time to remove viruses, as a fine mist of a Virucidal product .
  • Swab the cross contact areas (up to 10 swab tests)

Covid 19 – Gold service (3 phase Physical clean treatment)

  • Specialist team will carry out a full wash down, to all surfaces accessible (including areas which are not normally accessed), Disinfect surfaces (leave chemical on surface for kill time of 5 Minutes to ensure 99.99% Bacteria removed, normal kill time 2 minutes)
  • apply a Virucidal treatment, (Extra attention given to touch zones) and complete the treatment by fogging the area, applying an additional Virucidal coating to ensure all Viruses are attacked and killed where possible.
  • Swabs in specific areas
  • A detailed report with images will be provided
  • Certificate provided.

We can mix and match the above service options to suit your requirements.

If you would like to know more then please do get in touch with Tim,, for a quote and we will be happy to assist you in any way we can.