2020 has been a bit of a strange year, well that’s a slight understatement.

The current pandemic has placed huge significance on cleaning and the role we will play in keeping the nation safe moving forwards.

Like most of us, days seem to be taken up jumping from one Zoom call to the next. Business as usual certainly no longer exists within the current climate.

Yet as a business we have had an exceptional year in terms of industry acknowledgements. However, its been hard to sit back and saviour them due to the huge challenges we, like so many businesses, have continued to face.

In March we were awarded a Kimberly-Clark Golden Service award. This was our first attempt at entering this prestigious industry event, so to win an award was extremely satisfying. At the time, the pandemic had not truly started in the UK and I remember thinking how strange it was to not be allowed to shake hands but to instead “bump” elbows. Now the thought of even bumping a strangers elbow would for so many, seem alien.

At the end of last week we found out that we have been successfully shortlisted to the final 3 within the Partners In Cleaning category, for the PFM awards.

Once again this is the first time that we have entered the PFM awards, so to be a confirmed finalist is a great feeling.

2020 has certainly been a year of firsts that will never be forgotten. At Prime Clean we will be sure to celebrate our victories when social distancing measures ease. For now it will have to be another zoom call….

For more info on the PFM awards please click here