Orbiting to the future

Following on from Interclean we wanted to trial one of the new “Orbital” floor machines. It was a hot topic amongst the major equipment manufacturers, for more information on the IMG_2414system itself please click here to see our previous news article.

One night later earlier this week we tested out a FiMap within a contract which had a number of floors in need of some attention. First impressions of the machine were very positive and the results it produced were even more impressive. The ease in use of the machine was noticeable compared to traditional scrubbing machines. There was not lurky jolt as the machine turned on and it was far easier to manoeuvre whilst on the move! Furthermore, you could feel the quality of the machine and the parts used in it through the weight of the rotary head. This extra down force helped greatly in agitating the dirt and thus allowed the floors to be cleanedIMG_2426 in less time than usual.

We tested it across a range of floor types including;

  • safety floors
  • tiled floors
  • marble floor

The results were equally impressive across each floor type. Overall we the machine performed well and was far easier to use the a standard single rotary machine. We are now in the process of buying the machine and will be using it across a number of floor types to further test its suitability.

A Growing Family Business

Prime Clean have now operated within London for just over 5 years and within this time the business has fortunately grown from strength to strength. The average annual turnover growth over these past 5 years has been 31% which is well above the industry norm.

We now look after a number of major insurance companies and investment CWbanks as well as a growing portfolio of facilities management companies. The business growth up to now has been based on a commitment and dedication to deliver a premium service. As a management team we try to lead by example and have always adopted a very visible approach with both our clients and our cleaners.

As a family business we strive to deliver on our promises and are very proud of what has been achieved up to now. However, we are not stopping here! We believe that our service offering is perfectly suited to the professional services sector in London and our ethos will continue to be at the heart of our business.

Prime Clean offer a full range of both daily and specialist cleaning services. Please let us know if you are interested in finding out anything more about our business and we would be delighted to come in and meet with you.

Healthy Happy Hands

Office sickness….in 2016 a survey estimated around 137.3 million days were lost in the UK alone in one year. This is an average of 4.3 days per employee and in companies with over 500 employees the rate increases!

Harmful bacteria within an office is a major reason behind why so many days are lost each year to sickness. A structured cleaning programme can go along way in reducing the levels in harmful bacteria but new market innovations can help reduce such bacteria levels even further.

One of the key “touch points” around an office are door handles or push plates as these receive constant hand contact. Washroom doors are of particular focus for harbouring bacteria and some people will often try and avoid touching such handles if they can. This lingering bacteria can lead to the dreaded vomiting bug which is easily transferred from person to person.

A tried and tested solution that we support are “hygienic handles” developed by Purehold. This innovative company have developed a range of handles and push plates that use silver ion technology to eliminate 99.9% of bacteria. These handles are providing a real barrier to harmful bacteria in entering the office and can help to significantly reduce the amount of sickness days lost in a year.

This has been a revelation in the healthcare market and Prime Clean are looking to introduce it in a number of central London buildings.

In order for this product to succeed there will need to be a reduction in the number of sickness days within an office over a given period of time. Prime Clean will be working closely with our clients to measure key data in order to prove this products success. We believe in this innovative product and know it has a place within the professional services market in London.

Prime Clean Moves to London and Wins Contract

London, UK, 4th June 2015: Prime Clean, the cleaning and support services company, has announced it has relocated to Canary Wharf, London.

Prime Clean is a traditional family business, focused on providing the best customer experience, through cost effective solutions tailored to individual needs. The relocation is reflective of the growth of the business, particularly in the London area.

Prime Clean has been awarded a 3 year contract by Skyline Business Village in the heart of Canary Wharf. The contract, which includes cleaning, window cleaning, waste management, pest control and landscaping, was won as the result of a competitive tender.

Sara Ramiah, Manager of Skyline Business Village commented: “We are delighted to have appointed Prime Clean as our Facilities Services provider and are impressed by the quality services and cost savings that they are providing us with.”

Richard Lancaster, Managing Director of Prime Clean commented: “We are excited by our move to Canary Wharf and thrilled that we have been appointed to provide Facilities Services to Skyline Business Village. Sara and her team have been very supportive during our relocation and we look forward to working closely with them in the future.”