Testing Out The Prochem Bravo Plus Carpet Spotter

Bravo Plus 2

We have recently been trying out the Bravo Plus spotting machine. This piece of equipment is made up of a 9 litre clean water tank and a 13 litre recovery tank which allows you to cover a relatively large area before needing to empty the machine. The Bravo Plus also comes with a high quality metal cleaning wand.

It is the perfect machine for small to medium size spaces as it is easily manoeuvrable and quick to set up. You can feel the quality through the use of the wand and its durability. It also produced a good quality clean which many other smaller machines are not able to achieve.

There is also a very useful upholstery tool that can be ordered separately and is well worth including.

Overall the team at Prime Clean were very impressed with this particular carpet spotting machine and will certainly be using it across a number of our sites.

A thank you to Mayflower for arranging the product testing.