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A Sustainable Business

We are in a rapidly changing world with increased expectations for companies to help improve the environment. Prime Clean understands these challenges and takes pride in actively driving its sustainability program and supporting our customers to achieve their environmental goals.

The environment is top of our interests and we employ a range of methods to minimise our environmental impact. With the help of technological innovation we are continuing to improve our practices to make the environment a better place for future generations.

We provide recycling programs for our customers, use a range of recycled and environmentally friendly consumables, use chemical-free cleaning products and provide training to all of our colleagues. This helps ourselves and our customers to reduce their impact and nurture all that is good for environmental prosperity.

As part of our promise to reduce environmental harm through our business practices, we use Ecolabel products on our cleaning contracts where ever possible.

ecolabelWhat is the Ecolabel?

The European Ecolabel is used to identify products that meet high standards of both performance and environmental quality. The products undergo environmental tests and the results are independently verified before being awarded with the European Ecolabel.

Other environmental labels indicate specific concerns such as the product’s recyclability or energy efficiency. The difference with Ecolabel products is that you can be sure that the product has minimal environmental impact at all stages of its lifecycle, from its creation to its disposal.

The website at lists the following environmental standards for all its Ecolabel products.

  • Detergents must break down into harmless substances once they enter the environment.
  • The products must come in a minimal amount of packaging, thus taking up less space in landfill.
  • Detergents must come with guidelines for safe handling and use.
  • Recommendations on the label instruct the consumer about how to use the correct amount of detergent for the job in hand.
  • All-purpose cleaners must have instructions for diluting the detergent effectively to clean practically any washable surface.
  • Cleaning products all contain cleaning agents that help to strip away grime. After being flushed down the drain, many detergents cause undue harm to nature. By contrast, cleaning products with the European Ecolabel do the same job while causing minimal environmental harm.

Ecolabeling reassures you that the products have been created with low environmental impact and cause minimal environmental harm through their use and disposal.

More information on Ecolabel products and labelling can be found on the following website: You can also download a PDF factsheet explaining more about the European Ecolabel by clicking here.

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