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Aug 09

Orbiting To The Future

Following on from Interclean we wanted to trial one of the new “Orbital” floor machines. It was a hot topic amongst the major equipment manufacturers, for more information on the IMG_2414system itself please click here to see our previous news article.

One night later earlier this week we tested out a FiMap within a contract which had a number of floors in need of some attention. First impressions of the machine were very positive and the results it produced were even more impressive. The ease in use of the machine was noticeable compared to traditional scrubbing machines. There was not lurky jolt as the machine turned on and it was far easier to manoeuvre whilst on the move! Furthermore, you could feel the quality of the machine and the parts used in it through the weight of the rotary head. This extra down force helped greatly in agitating the dirt and thus allowed the floors to be cleanedIMG_2426 in less time than usual.

We tested it across a range of floor types including;

  • safety floors
  • tiled floors
  • marble floor

The results were equally impressive across each floor type. Overall we the machine performed well and was far easier to use the a standard single rotary machine. We are now in the process of buying the machine and will be using it across a number of floor types to further test its suitability.

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