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Aug 30

Saving More Than Just A Drop

Water usage is becoming a growing issue within our country. The more worrying concern is that most major retailers and commercial businesses have little in place to save on their water usage. We have recently met with the owner of an innovative water energy based company, Everything Water.

We looked at a number of plug and play water saving devices that Everything Water are volumisercurrently offering. The product that stood out the most, partly because of its ease of installation and effectiveness was the Volumiser (pictured left). This simple device fits the majority of sinks and reduces the water flow to 1.5 – 1.7 LPM (litres per minute) compared to the average of 6-10 LPM.

A small turbine is located within the device which reduces the water flow whilst still allowing plenty of water to wash your hands. This fantastic product could save large retailers potentially tens if not hundreds of thousands per year (based on the number of washroom sinks they have across their stores) whilst also providing large savings for commercial businesses who have relatively large premises.

Case studies have shown that tap water usage has been reduced by over 70% using these Volumisers which have resulted in reduced water bills and the meeting volumiser 2sustainability targets.

We are already exploring a number of sites in London

where we wish to discuss the introduction of the Volumiser with our clients. We hope to be able to bring cost savings whilst also promoting water sustainability within the workplace.

There seems to be no current reason why this product would not be a perfect fit for large sites that have no current water saving device fitted to the taps.

We are here to help, to find out more speak to one of our team on 0207 538 2346 or