[‎30/‎07/‎2019 10:05] Lauren Stevens:

Prime Site

Prime Site

Prime Clean have developed a bespoke auditing app, PrimeSite, that allows us to carry out a range of electronic audits within any client building. Audits are typically carried out on a monthly basis as a minimum and allow us to highlight any challenges we may face and address it with the team. Such audits provide clear insight and visibility to the client and ensures schedules are being followed in order to maintain the highest of standards.

Feedback up to now has been extremely positive as clients appreciate the honesty and transparency that the audits provide. Furthermore, we utilise the picture capturing technology within the application to provide visual evidence captured during the audit. Clients can login in to a personalised portal to access all reports and can see historical trends in both graphical and list format.

Additionally the application also allows us to raise actions and assign them to the relevant individual/team with an associated deadline. This allows us to ensure accountability for all sites with a clear timeline of when actions have been created and closed by.

We have big plans to further develop the capability of the application. We want to include our virtual training modules as well as creating e-starter packs to help reduce paperwork and increase productivity.