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Our people are focused, passionate and really care about our customers

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Customer Experience

Everyone at Prime wants to give our customers the very best ‘service experience’. Our people are focused, passionate and really care about our customers.

We pride ourselves on being a business with strong family values shaping our ethos. We want to make a difference in an industry that can often over promise and under deliver. Like you, we care greatly about our people, our customers and the environment around us, therefore good social, ethical and sustainable business practices are essential.

Our passion for service excellence means that our management team and directors would very regularly visit your buildings both during and out of normal hours to ensure that standards were being met to your full satisfaction. We do not believe in sitting in offices behind desks. We want to see our staff and customers as much as possible and develop strong relationships with all stakeholders.

What we can promise you is an instinctive and unqualified passion for giving our customers the very best ‘service experience’ without compromise.

We are here to help, to find out more speak to one of our team on 0207 538 2346 or