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We cannot stand still and be complacent, we will always look for innovative, sustainable solutions for our customers that enhance our service model, deliver greater value and keep our customers at the forefront of industry developments.

We strive to utilise the latest industry technology, training methods and management and environmental practices which enable us to provide to our customers cleaning solutions that meets their day to day demands whilst balancing true cost efficiency in today’s challenging economic climate.

ipad-and-mpro-login-screenAs part of our commitment to continuous innovation, quality and sustainability, we use mpro5, a world class mobile field solution, to complete cleaning audits on iPads whilst on our customer’s premises.

Because of this technology, we are able to be more productive and reactive through the removal of paperwork. Job scheduling, alerting and reporting and cleaning audits are all now carried out on the iPads or other handheld mobile devices. This drives business efficiencies ensuring that less time is spent completing paperwork and by reducing errors through double entries, handwriting mistakes or lost paperwork. It also helps us reduce our environmental footprint by moving away from a paper-based system.

The mpro5 system enables us to meet our customer satisfaction standards. Before and after photograph integration and digital signature capture are contained within the mpro5 mobile forms. This makes sure that our customers are satisfied with the service they have received and that their expectations have been met. photo+signoff.jpg

All information entered into the mpro5 mobile forms on the iPad transfers back to our database via the cloud (Windows’ Microsoft Azure cloud platform is integrated within the mpro5 solution). We are then able to evaluate collected data in real-time and act immediately where necessary.

Via mpro5, we are able to offer our customers their own unique mpro5 web-portal. From here they can log on and monitor the form summary of each completed audit. This makes sure that our customers are continually kept up to date with the status and score of each audit. Customers can log on quickly, easily and securely through a link on our website at


In summary, the mpro5 mobile field solution enhances our service and commitment to our customers by:

  • Making sure that customer standards are always met
  • Assisting our staff to be more reactive and productive
  • Providing instant access to audit completion data
  • Automatic emailing of mpro5 audit reports to the customer
  • Less time wasted over handwriting errors or lost paperwork

To find out more about mpro5 visit the website at

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