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Educational and Public Services

The services that the public sector provides are vital for our national prosperity, and our role is equally vital in ensuring that public sector offices and buildings run smoothly and efficiently.

The public sector is feeling the strain more than any other in light of the economy, though keeping standards high against a diverse range of issues is something we take in our stride. From offices to courts, museums and public spaces, we provide a complete solution to help councils and government departments meet their targets an provide the best consumer services.


We relish the legacy that Prime has served and supported schools and academies for the past 18 years. With our committed personal dedication and commercial prudence Prime tailors innovative cleaning solutions that meet both service standards and budgetary needs.

We are mindful that security compliance apart from service excellence is on the forefront of our clients needs, we are in challenging times which has motivated Prime Clean to ensure the very best systems managed by our partner, Keesing Systems, helpingĀ to give our clients peace of mind our colleagues are vetted to the very highest standards.


With economic office spaces and large numbers of employees, councils offer unique challenges for cleaning and support services, in an environment where things need to be done right first time. Our extensive experience in providing affordable cleaning services for councils means that things are always done right, and we strive to develop our strategies to increase efficiency and keep councils on top of business.

Government Departments

We have an excellent understanding of the demands of the government body and local authorities, and we provide high levels of cleaning and support services expertise to keep things running as smoothly as possible. We manage our cleaning schedules and support services around the priorities of busy government departments, helping operations to run correctly in a busy and demanding environment.

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