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We leave carpets looking their best whilst protecting your investment

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Flooring & Upholstery Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

Carpets are an expensive investment and are constantly receiving high wear on a daily basis. Therefore routine vacuuming needs to be supported by specialist periodical programmes designed to both maintain and protect carpets in order to create the correct visual impression along with maintaining a healthy environment.

We offer a range of carpet cleaning services such as Dry Fusion, Hot Water Extraction and Bonnet Buffing systems. In order to achieve the highest standards, our experts will choose the best suited option for the area in question.

Hard Flooring

Prime Clean Services, HousekeepingFlooring is the pride of every establishment and can often be the very first thing your visitors will visually encounter, so the appearance and appropriate specialist maintenance is critical. At Prime Clean we know how to get the most out of each floor and make them look their best no matter the material. With expertise for natural stone such as limestone, granite and marble floors, we provide expert vitrification, burnishing stripping, sealing, and restoration services to remove scratches, stains and marks, to bring them back to life and to protect them from future wear and damage.

Upholstery Cleaning

Your furniture is as important to an office’s appearance as your carpet and we are also able Clipboard06to undertake the cleaning of all office and furniture upholstery. We use the safest eco-friendly products, leaving your work space clean and healthy all year round. water extraction, dry powder and bonnet buffing cleaning methods to eliminate stains, dirt and unpleasant odours, and kill bacteria and allergens, leaving carpets looking their best whilst protecting their longevity and your investment. From £5.00 per chair it really is a simple way to ensure you are not having to replace expensive office furniture and keeping it looking fresh and clean for employees and clients.

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