Covid-19 Deep Cleaning Services

COVID-19 Deep Cleaning Services

Are you looking for a professional deep clean to provide peace of mind that you workplace is safe? If so then we have a range of solutions to match your needs.

It is critical to ensure your workplace or building is a safe environment as staff start to return. The government is recommending a professional sanitisation deep clean to any space that has been left empty for a given period of time.

We have a fully trained team of specialist cleaning operatives equipped with the correct Personal Protective Equipment, state of the art electrostatic sprayers and virucidal cleaning products to ensure a safe environment for your office when it reopens. This will allow all businesses to return with confidence that staff are protected within the workspace.

A traditional hands-on clean, using the correct chemicals and PPE, can achieve the desired outcome. However, not all areas are likely to be reached  using this method. For this reason we have developed a market leading and innovative sanitisation service that takes any deep clean to the next level.

Our use of electrostatic mist technology ensures all surfaces are disinfected and sanitised to provide complete peace of mind.

How do we ensure that? 

The mist droplets are positively charged when leaving the electrostatic fogging device and are attracted to surfaces that surround them. The positive charge enables the droplets to “stick” to all surfaces and thus provide a complete sanitisation to your workspace.

Will the mist leave smear marks?

No, our mist technology uses a non-drip solution.

How soon can I use the space after its been cleaned?

Almost straight away, although we advise giving it a minimum of 1 hour if possible.

Are the chemicals used harmful?

No, we ensure to use chemicals that will cause no issues to any user of the workspace. Our top tier service uses an environmentally friendly, water-based, solution that provides protection against Coronavirus and other enveloped viruses. It is even less toxic than Vitamin C or coffee! They also meet all current EU safety standards.

What happens after the clean?

If you select either our Gold or Silver service a detailed pictorial post clean report is emailed across to you.

Furthermore, we swab test the office after the clean to demonstrate its effectiveness and show this within the report. The Gold service includes a certificate so that you can show your teams/visitors the service has been carried out.

Please see the below options we can provide as part of a virucidal deep clean to help ensure a safe place of work for when people return.

To book your deep clean please click here or email, for a quote.

Bronze Level Service

Silver Level Service

Gold Level Service