Gold Service


We have a fully trained team of specialist cleaning operatives equipped with the correct Personal Protective Equipment, state of the art electrostatic sprayers and virucidal cleaning products to ensure a safe environment for your office when it reopens. This will allow all businesses to return with confidence that staff are protected within the workspace.

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All Silver and Gold level deep cleans use an electrostatic fogging device emits a fine vapour to evenly, and safely, disperse the chemical around the office/building. Both services include a detailed report following the clean, please see an example section from a report. Furthermore, a range of swab testing is carried out to show the cleans effectiveness after completion.

Gold Standard –  Electrostatic Fogging 

  • Using Zoono, a market leading product.
  • When applied to a surface by spraying or wiping Zoono leaves behind a mono-molecular layer that permanently bonds to the surface. These molecules are antimicrobial, silane based polymers that covalently bond to the surface forming a barrier of positively charged microscopic pins.
  • The positively charged microscopic pins attract and pierce the negatively charged pathogens (germs and viruses). The pins rupture the cell walls. This causes the pathogen to break up with lethal effect.
  • The simplest analogy is that “spikes’ are formed on the surface. Once the micro organism comes in contact with the Zoono ‘spikes’ its cell wall membrane is punctured (a process called lysis); this causes cell degradation and death.
  • Routine cleaning can continue and does not disrupt the Zoono molecule or its antimicrobial activity. Zoono’s physical kill replaces the need for dangerous poisons, chemicals and alcohol. This method of rupturing the cell means the cell cannot mutate, preventing the development of superbugs.
  • Zoono is colourless, odourless, non-leaching, food and environmentally safe, non-corrosive and whilst completely gentle for humans and animals, it is deadly for a wide range of bacteria and mould.
  • Zoono Z-71 has a proven track record against broad spectrum of bacteria, virus, mould, fungi and mildew, Contact Time on Feline Coronavirus 5 minutes to 99.99% efficiency as well as tested against Norovirus, H1N1, MERS, MRSA (superbugs), E. coli, Legionella, Salmonella, Listeria, Tuberculosis, and many more
  • Zoono brands conform to regulations from around the world and have passed EN13697, EN1276, EN1650 and EN1500 standards, amongst many more efficacy tests completed by independent labs.
  • Certification and full report provided.