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IT Cleaning

Specialist services from Prime Clean go much further than just superficial cleaning. Our highly qualified team are experts in IT cleaning. This particular service can often be overlooked, however it can play a critical part in keeping a healthy office with reduced harmful bacteria lurking around employees hands as they type throughout the day.

Office IT Cleaning

IT cleaning means ensuring IT equipment is clean and free from bacteria. We offer specialist cleaning for desktop computers, monitors and keyboards, laptops, printers, Clipboard06photocopiers, scanners, facsimile equipment and server equipment. Please click here to get your free quote today! We have a highly experienced team who produce a full report following on all IT cleans. These report the number of monitors, keyboards etc cleaned and the condition if any issues are noticed with them prior to cleaning i.e. missing keys

“We have recently had our IT equipment cleaned which included; screens, desktop phones, keyboards and mouses. It was completed to an exception level and has made a big difference. We were amazed from the pictures at what came out from beneath the keys on keyboards! Will certainly be looking to arrange this every 3-6 months through Prime Clean”

Nick G, Asset Management Company

Data Centre Cleaning

Data Centres are critical to so many industries. Think of them as the veins that carry the “Data Cells” around the organisation. In order to keep the equipment running at its optimal level it is critical to keep a clean and sterile environment for it to operate within.

We have a team of highly experienced who use state of the art equipment that allows us to clean the data centres to ISO 14644-1 2015 Class 8. We know that many businesses maybe nervous about having an external company come in to clean the data centre’s, that why our teams are highly qualified to work within these environments. There will be no down time caused due to the clean, just a fresh and optimal area for the servers to operate within.


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