Washroom Services

Washroom Services

We appreciate that washrooms require more than just cleaning. We ensure that all washrooms are safe, clean and hygienic through daily cleaning and rigorous deep cleans so that your washroom environment is the best it can be.

We offer a comprehensive range of products and services including:

Feminine Hygiene

We provide feminine hygiene sanitary disposal units that can be collected on a frequency that suits your business needs. Our service is discreet and meets all Health & Safety compliance requirements.


We supply both dual and multi-purpose vending units that can dispense a wide range of items including feminine hygiene products along with personal care and first aid items.

Washroom Hygiene

We supply the means to make your washrooms the envy of all others, with products including antibacterial hand sanitisers, air fresheners, odour eliminators and disposable toilet seat covers.

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