Water Saving Technology

Water Saving Technology

As part of our sustainability agenda we have been looking at current and future challenges within the UK. Water usage is an issue that is likely to become far more prevalent in years to come for both commercial and residential properties. In 2016 the UK used 9,500 billion litres of fresh water, if we continue at this rate (and fail to stop water leaks) there is a 25% chance that within the next 30 years water could be cut off from areas within the UK.  The Chief Executive of Ofwat has challenged companies to cut water losses of 170 billion litres a year, currently we lose 3 billion litres of water a day to leakages. For these reasons we believe it’s time to look at what we, as a cleaning business, can do to reduce our water usage.

We have started to work closely with an innovative business who offer a range of industry leading products that can be easily implemented to reduce water usage within washrooms.

One of the most universal and versatile devices, a Water Volumiser, is a simple device fits the majority of washroom taps, and unlike the more common Aerator, has no risk of carrying water-based diseases.

It reduces water flow to 1.5-1.7 LPM (Litres Per Minute) compared to the average 6-10 LPM. On sites with large numbers of washrooms it can deliver substantial annualised savings.

There are other innovative water saving/hygiene products, such as an eco-friendly shower head, and should you wish to find out more then please get in touch with us today.