Window Cleaning

Window cleaning

So many new buildings are using glass instead of traditional bricks in their construction. Glass helps to create the illusion of more space, plus it looks far more contemporary and pleasing to the eye. However, glass requires more attention to detail from a cleaning perspective and can create both a positive or negative first impression of a business.

With tailored and bespoke cleaning frequencies, our window cleaning service keeps your windows and atriums sparkling. Our qualified and fully trained teams are experienced in the following methods of operation:

  • Ground ladder cleaning
  • Reach and Wash systems
  • Cradles
  • Hoists
  • Abseiling

We currently clean over 100,000 panes of glass per annum and have many years experience in cleaning some of the trickiest buildings in London. A bit like painting the 4th bridge, as soon as we stop on one site we have to start all over again  at a different one!

We are also able to undertake the cleaning of other specialist external finishes including, marble, polished and flamed granite and aluminium.

As a business we are forward thinking and try to deliver a range of sustainable initiatives. This doesn’t stop with our window cleaning whereby we harvest recycled rain water which is then ionised and purified for cleaning.

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